Best Smartwatch For Teenager, Tweens [Age 10 to 19] In 2021

With the ever-growing hike in innovative technology, seldom does one sit aloof without any smartwatch especially teens. While these tiny tech gadgets provide assistance of all sorts, they’re a great way to ensure connectivity and accessibility for your loved ones.

Be it a laptop with Skype in it or a smartphone with WhatsApp and GPS, means of connection have gone a great way in achieving efficiency and ease of use. Another featured product on this list is the smartwatch. They are worn by kids, tweens, teenagers, and adults all for different purposes.

So if you’re looking for smartwatches for teenagers or tweens then you landed in the correct place but if you’re interested in kids watches then you can visit our separate post of best smartwatches for children.

What is a Smartwatch?  

These are wrist-worn watches that have the ability to be used as smartphones; to send notifications, install and use Apps, manage media and ensure tracking.

More portable and compact than a smartphone with increased battery timing, this product has achieved massive success in the last two years.

Parents buy it for their kids for learning purposes and keeping track of them while teenagers purchase it for a number of reasons: as a partner for hiking and swimming, for a helper in their fitness routine or to be used as a more compact smartphone.

This article will present an extensive study of the best smartwatch for teens and listed watches consist of both with phone and without phone models.

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Best SmartWatches For Teenagers


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1. Fitbit Versa (Best Fitness Watch For Teenager Age 13+)


From here on, the discussed models will take the shape of a smartphone at your wrists. As the list of features increases, so does the cost.


The first model is the ever-green FitBit’s Versa smartwatch. It is available in four different colors and comes with small and large bands while the size of the dial remains the same.


What is the first thing that you look in a smartwatch features list?


It’s the tracker!


So it has a brilliant tracker that measures the steps you have taken, your heartbeat, the calories you have consumed, your sleep time and the laps you have run or swam and what not. Hence, it covers almost your whole day and works on establishing a healthy routine.


For example, a low-calorie reading will alarm you on your underpowered diet, a high heart rate will motivate you to look out on the routine and the ran laps will help determine the gradient of your stamina and this all can be achieved with a 4-day battery timing. Need not to worry about the battery to track your activities!


The body is cast out of anodized aluminum so it makes it exceedingly lightweight and almost weightless to wear.


The App is fairly user-friendly and is supported by all smartphones. You can manage almost 15 exercise routines through the App and easily connect with the GPS of the phone to accommodate for more accurate location tracking.


The App, however, offers no aid to the night worker; the reminders for hours after midnight cannot be set on this watch which limits the range of the potential buyers.


You can receive phone calls, messages and other notifications of the phone. The Fitbit can be synced to the phone and you can access everything including sports and news channels on this watch. Besides many other cool features its swim-proof too.


One frustrating thing is that two FitBits cannot be synced to the Fitbit App at the same time. On the positive side, it has countless clock faces from which you can choose to be yours each day clock face. The App is complained by some customers to be not that good and seem to have problems while syncing.


But it has received a positive response from a major portion of buyers.


The pedometer also seems to work fine if positioned at a particular posture and degree of tightness which is pretty hard to execute. You can’t always keep your wrist in a particular posture after all.


Fitbit Versa is one of the best fitness tracker smartwatches for teenage boys under $200.


Key Specifications

  • 24/7 Heart Rate Track
  • Water-Resistant To 50 Meters
  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • Built-in GPS
  • Storage for 300+ Songs
  • Weight 12 OZ


  • Light weight
  • Available in four colors and 2 band sizes
  • Can be easily synced to phone and receives notifications
  • Manages up to 15 exercise routines
  • Tracks heartbeat, calories, steps and laps
  • Plays 300+ songs
  • Swim proof
  • Pedometer works accurately at a particular angle and degree of tightness
  • No slack cut to the night workers
  • App not that user friendly for some (some complaints)


Fitbit Versa Unboxing



2. GARMIN Vivoactive 3 (Best Garmin Watch For Teenager With GPS)


As evident as it sounds from the name, it is as active in reality too. With a battery that doesn’t lose its count for seven days, this smartwatch is equipped with GPS too. It is sportsman heaven, especially for runners.


The precise tracker monitors the heartbeat, stress level steps accurately which is critical for your running practice. The teenagers who love their morning jogs or even professional runners who want the monitoring to be exact should certainly go for this smartwatch.


Not only this, but this watch also specializes in making contactless payments. Cash payments can be made through this smartwatch to the banks that have supported cards, just like you do with your phone. You need not worry now if you are in a bank without your credit card, all can be done through your wristwatch.


The watch can store up to 500 songs which can be synced with the headphones or hands-free to have a great listening experience while you are relaxing under the shining sun or running on cold mornings.


Garmin Vivoactive 3 also contains 15 preloaded sports apps like swimming, running, and yoga which can aid in your physical nourishment and easy access to the daily exercise routine. Of course, you can download more if you wish from the Connect IQ store.


It even contains a great meter; VO2 max that indicates your fitness levels and depicts how you handle the stress levels as your heart rate changes with activity and time. You can have a history of your 14 days of activities.


The GPS is pretty accurate although the battery timing does tend to decrease while it is on that is understandable. It can be easily connected with a smartphone and you can receive notifications like calls, messages, app alerts and more. Garmin Connect can also provide helpful alerts so you can update the watch for superior performance.


This version of the Garmin smartwatch is available in only two colors but has many clock faces and on the side of it, the glass screen is durable but only 1.2’’ which is kind of small and sometimes frustrating to use. And one last thing, there are only 16 ‘slots’ or ‘destinations’, whatever you call it, for your downloaded or installed files, therefore, you have to be careful about what you put in the watch.


It’s recommended for teenagers to buy as it is one of the best GPS smartwatches.


Key Specifications

  • Online Cash Payment With Contactless Payment
  • 2 Inches Of Diameter
  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • Built-in GPS
  • Fitness Tracking
  • Up To 7 Days Battery
  • Weight 1.4 OZ


  • Can store about 500 songs
  • Contain 15pre loaded sports apps
  • Long battery life
  • Availability of GPS
  • Accurate tracker
  • Option of contactless payment
  • The screen is only 1.2’’
  • There are limited slots for your downloaded material
  •  Bit expensive


Unboxing Garmin Vivoactive 3




3. Amazfit Bip (Best Fitness Tracker For Teens


The screen is trans-reflective and the customers have confirmed that the display is evident even in bright sunlight as it contains five brightness levels.


Amazfit Bip Smartwatch is fashioned out of Gorilla Glass so it can withstand scratches effectively. The LCD screen is touch-sensitive which brings you nearer to a standard smartphone experience on your wrist.


The battery timing is near to unrivaled, on a charge of 3 hours, this smartwatch can work for almost 30 days.


Whether it is hard-wired with monster capacitors or a killer BMS, this timing is superb and surely an attribute to crave for. Amazfit Bip contains a built-in GPS which is accurate.


Now, coming towards the inside of this gadget. It contains all the tracking capabilities that you can think of. A barometer to measure the pressure of the air around you; A heart rate sensor to measure your heartbeat and indicate if it is high or normal; an accelerometer and geomagnetic sensor to enhance the accuracy of your location tracking and positioning according to the global coordinates.


You can measure the sleep time, the distance you have traveled and the calories you have burnt as a result of the activity. It even contains special sports modes that can convince you to jog, cycle and walk.


It allows you to remain connected with the rest of the people and world news with its incredible features. You can receive messages, calls, notifications, and alerts for social media, weather forecasts, and mobile apps.


The watch faces, however, is a little blur which is a downside. The Mi-Fit App is user-friendly but a little short in detail. Basic functionality is good but some settings are scattered and sometimes, hard to find.


Amazfit Bip is among the cheapest fitness tracking watch for teenagers.


The biggest drawback of this watch is the unavailability of a music player. You need to have a smartphone or connected headphones/handsfree with you all the time to enjoy music.


Key Specifications

  • 28″ Display
  • 2 Inches Of Diameter
  • Built-in GPS + Glonass
  • IP68 Dust and Waterproof
  • Real Time Activity Tracker
  • Optical Heart Rate Monitoring
  • Up To 30 Days Battery
  • Weight 1.1 OZ


  • Low Price
  • Larger display than the GARMIN Vivoactive 3
  • The screen is scratch-resistant and trans-reflective.
  • In-built GPS and other tracking capabilities
  • Lightweight
  • Available in four different colors
  • No music player
  • My Fit App is short in detail and some sets are a bit haphazard




4. Ticwatch E Super (Best Android Wearable Teenagers Smartwatch)


This watch is expensive than the previous model but is certainly a product to crave for. Offering you one of the best voice assistants at your wrists, this watch not only offers easy connectivity but personifies your personality.


First of all, the stylish built and the second, the classy conversion of your vocals into the script in a jiffy! It is certified with US military standard 810 G so it is a shock, water, and temperature resistant.


Tip watch E Super is swim-proof can be taken 50mbelow the water to monitor your swimming goals and performances, let alone spills and splashes. The non-slip buttons and the comfortable feel of the band make it an outstanding watch to be used outdoors.


As far as connectivity is concerned, it is near to great. The navigation system is integrated by GPS, Glonass, and Beidou that fashions out a supremely accurate location tracking scheme. There are six different sports modes that are very helpful for all the sportsmen out there.


The tracking is facilitated by Mobvoi’s AI algorithms and offers a diverse range of heartbeat counter, step counter, fitness schedule operator and TicWatch E2 which is your fitness companion. But the most enriching feature of this watch is the presence of Google Assistant.


You can find routes, nearby restaurants while cycling, reply to a friend while running through speaking and coordinate with your team members while performing everyday house jobs.


Even when your hands are occupied, you can still reply back through the voice assistant. Convenience and functionality both come onboard at this watch.


The battery timing of this smartwatch is about 1 day, not 3 days as claimed on the box, which is far too lower than the AmazFit Bip. Some customers complained about the short battery timing but that issue has already been addressed by the company. The battery must be charged 1-3 times in case then you are confronted by the issue to ensure proper working in the future.


You can receive calls, notifications, messages, and alerts from Facebook, Tinder, WhatsApp, and other networking forums. It can play your music even if you are not connected with the phone if you know the suitable app to install.


It has a microphone but no speaker so the audio quality is not up to the mark.


Key Specifications

  • Android 4.3+ And iOS 9.0
  • Voice Assistant
  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • Built-in GPS
  • Fitness Tracker
  • Heart Rate Monitoring
  • Up To 30 Days Battery
  • Weight 1.44 OZ


  • Lightweight and stylish
  • Multi-integrated navigation system
  • Personal Google Assistant at your
  • Expensive
  • Low battery timing
  • No speakers so the audio quality is


Ticwatch Unboxing




5. Apple Watch Series 3 (Best Apple Watch For Teenager)


This smartwatch received the very high number of the 5-star rating, probably because of the standard that Apple ensures in its products.


It may look to have just the elementary features but the quality of the watch, coupled with the reliability is second to none.


The design is exquisite; a trademark of Apple’s smartwatches and comes with two band sizes for your wrists. The stainless steel covering ensures it is not affected by temperature, dust or rust.


Apple watch series contains GPS and other tracking attributes. The heart sensor is optical which is more reliable. The Digital Crown allows the user to go to Home Screen, zoom and scroll without obstructing the display by pinching and swiping.


The water-resistant capability is great. If you start swimming, you can turn on the water lock feature manually and carry on with your water activities for as long as you wish. After you are done, the water ejection button is pressed and the water ejects out of the speakers giving a sound. Isn’t that cool! The watch can notify you of your updated streak records in swimming by consistently monitoring your performance.


The talk Siri feature is a great improvement from the previous model and can be argued in terms of performance with the Google Assistant of Ticwatch E.


The audio quality is very good as well. Moreover, you can track your fitness routine by setting alarms, reminders, and notifications. All the apps of the choice can be installed on Apple Series 3 smartwatch.


You can also sync it with your house’s security system and it would indicate you with an alarm and video footage if there has been trespassing.


The battery timing is nearly 2 days which is pretty good for a watch that does not specialize in this attribute.


The top feature of this watch is the speed, it runs very smoothly even when you have crammed it up with apps and music files. The waiting time is very less and you can respond to calls and notifications almost immediately.


The only limitation of this best apple watch for a teenager is that it’s compatible with an iPhone only. You cannot be connected to any other phone via this smartwatch.


Key Specifications

  • Built In Wifi
  • 768MB DRAM
  • Optical Heart Sensor
  • Digital Crown
  • S3 With Dual-Core Processor
  • Accelerometer And Gyroscope
  • Swim Proof
  • WatchOS 5


  • Reliable and unproblematic
  • Talk Siri feature
  • Fast speed and stylish design
  • Water-resistant to great effect
  • Is only compatible with Iphone




7. Smileyyi Zeblaze THOR 4 (Smartwatch For Teen Without Phone)


This is another intelligently crafted smartwatch that is equipped with a 5 Megapixel camera. Make others baffled by takings pictures and videos from the watch. It helps to make trips and occasions even more entertaining and full of fun.


Smiley Zeblaze Thor 4 features Android 7.0 OS with 1 GB RAM and 16 GB ROM. This massive storage capacity can easily be mistaken for a phone but no, it’s a watch!


Nano SIM can be inserted on the back and it can function as a GSM phone. Make direct calls and send text messages, whatever you like.


Thor 4 contains all standard smartphone functions which include phonebooks, Wi-fi, GPS, Calendar, Bluetooth and media players.


You can play your favorite songs on it while running, jogging or working on the laptop. It’s not finished yet…


This smartwatch is a tracker as well and can measure your heartbeat and steps. With good battery timing and several language integrations, it is a great product to try for your daily routine.


The languages include English, Indonesian, French, Spanish, Arabic, Italian and many more. For a watch that offers such high levels of connectivity and storage, teenagers can certainly take advantage of it.


It is not waterproof, however, which is a deal-breaker and might come as a shock for some people because, at this price, this attribute must have kicked in.


Key Specifications

  • 1.39 inch Super Amoled Display Android 7.0 System
  • CORNING Gorilla Glass 4
  • 1 GB RAM + 16 GB
  • 0MP Pixels Camera
  • Built in GPS
  • GSM Cell Phone
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Battery: 580mAh
  • Android 7.0
  • Weight: 2.1oz


  • Massive storage
  • Android 7.0 OS
  • Can be used as a smart phone by inserting Nano SIM
  • Good tracker as well
  • Not water-proof


Zeblaze Thor 4 Unboxing




What is the best Smartwatch for Teens?

Like every other article, we have presented a fair analysis of the products and would leave the final verdict to the readers themselves. Everyone buys these unique pieces for different reasons and have different standards.

If you’re looking for the cheapest smartwatch then you can go for DoSmarter but if you are looking for an economical and standard-functioning watch, we would suggest Amazfit Bip.

Similarly, if you are looking for enhanced functionality, you can choose either the Garmin Vívoactive 3 or the Ticwatch E but the latter comes with a comparative disadvantage of low battery timing.

For those who don’t want to get in the hassle to compare several models for their merits and demerits can opt for Apple Watch Series 3 without any doubts. To use this best apple watch you must have an iPhone for it. It is fully equipped with all the features and provides unrivaled performance in terms of reliability. If money is not an issue, you must go for it.

Fitbit Versa is one of the best fitness watches and has its own advantages but is a bit expensive and not suitable for night workers. Other than this, it is a pretty good take.

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